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Top 10 Electric GT Cars of Tomorrow: Newly Emerging Luxury Grand Tourers

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

Top 10 Electric GT Cars of Tomorrow: Newly Emerging Luxury Grand TourersTop 10 Electric GT Cars of Tomorrow: Newly Emerging Luxury Grand Tourers

Just a couple of years ago an idea of an electric grand tourer would be met with justifiable skepticism. But here we are, in 2022 there are multiple mass production models and promising concepts that will reshape the culture of highway freedom. So for every fan of EVs out there, we present a lineup of actual all-electric GTs that offer unprecedented comforts and pure driving emotions!

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00:00 Introduction

00:38 Lucid Air

Before 2021, Lucid was best known for supplying batteries for Formula E cars, but everything has changed with the reveal of the brand’s in-house developed luxury sedan. The Air is designed with a focus on quality and premium features, but at least on paper, its tech and electrification is on par with Elon Musk’s creations.

01:54 Genesis X Concept
2021 Genesis X Concept is a 2-door coupe that epitomizes the brand’s latest design language. In addition to a very long hood, the Genesis X boasts seamless bonding of the bonnet and fenders, which should minimize the number of openings and improve its aerodynamics.

02:54 Audi Skysphere

Adjustable dimensions and full self-driving, these are the new concepts that Audi explores for its future grand tourers and the preview comes in the form of a Skysphere Concept.

04:16 Porsche Taycan

Supposedly a True Porsche should be powered by a naturally aspirated flat six, but the modern EV era dictates new doctrines that force the changes even upon the most conservative brands. In Porsche’s case, the first herald of the electric future is the Taycan 4-door grand coupe available in 4 modifications.

05:27 Piech GT
Initially revealed as the Mark Zero concept, the first model by the Swiss-German Piech Automotive is now moving into prototype form with production aimed for early 2024. The GT has a long hood, a flowing roof, and an Kammtail-inspired rear end.

06:22 Polestar Precept

Initially teased only as a concept vehicle, the Precept is now promised to reach public roads as a 2023 model. The 4-door has a sporty silhouette, paired with a long wheelbase of 122 inches, characteristic for executive sedans like the Mercedes S Class.

07:26 Audi e-Tron GT & RS e-tron GT

Many people view this sports sedan as a simplified version of the Porsche Taycan, but under the skin the Audi GT hides nearly identical powertrain components. This 4-door grand tourer is sold in two twin-motor quattro all-wheel drive modifications.

08:40 Bentley EXP 100 GT

Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand, the EXP 100 GT presents Bentley’s vision for the luxury automotive future. The 2-door measures 228 inches-long; its 79in door open upwards; while the front is dominated by signature round headlights and a crystal mesh grille.

09:47 Drako GTE

Limited to 25 units, the Drako GTE is 4-door, 4-seat sedan that has an elongated hood with a Dodge Viper vibe and packs plenty of high-end components from industry leaders.

10:56 Tesla Roadster

Despite the recent introduction of the Model S Plaid, the true grand tourer from Tesla wont have four doors. The upcoming Roadster still sounds to good to be true, but looking at Tesla’s stock price, the world is mesmerized with the American brand and has no doubts that they can deliver.

12:01 Pininfarina HK GT Concept

The Italian interpretation of the eco-oriented Gran Turismo was built in partnership with the Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group. The latter are responsible for the concept’s exclusive 1072-horsepower electric soul, enabling the Pininfarina HK GT to cover more than 600 miles.

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

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