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NEW Infiniti SUVs and Sports Cars Refreshed for 2022: Old-School Japanese Luxury

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

NEW Infiniti SUVs and Sports Cars Refreshed for 2022: Old-School Japanese LuxuryNEW Infiniti SUVs and Sports Cars Refreshed for 2022: Old-School Japanese Luxury

For years Infinity has been short on meeting the expected criteria of infinite luxury and technological superiority. However, we cannot skip Nissan’s premium branch when reviewing the new lineups of 2022, after all, it is a Japanese brand and who doesn’t love reliable premium car models from the land of the rising sun.
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#1 2022 Infiniti QX60

2022 Infiniti QX60 enters a 2nd generation this year, adopting the brand’s latest design direction and getting a thoroughly revised interior.

#2 2022 Infiniti QX55

Touted as the spiritual successor of the original FX35 SUV and the next big thing from Infiniti, the Infiniti QX55 is going on sale as a 2022 model, offering 3 trim levels.

#3 2022 Infiniti Q50

Since Q50 sales were slowly dropping in the last three years, the company decided to streamline the its range, keeping only the better-selling modifications. The 2022 Infiniti Q50 eliminates the base-level Pure and mid-range Signature Edition trims, which means that the starting point is the Luxe model.

#4 2022 Infiniti QX80

After 2 consecutive facelifts that mostly focused on restyling its exterior, the 2nd generation QX80 finally arrives with the interior upgrades it deserves.

#5 2022 Infiniti Q60

The brand’s one and only coupe arrives with a modest updates list in 2022. The 2022 Infiniti Q60 still does not follow the brand’s new design language, but remains the face of elegant Japanese sportiness with an extremely aggressive face and curved body panels.

#6 2022 Infiniti QX50

Still fresh from its 2019 market release, the compact Infiniti QX50 crossover should not be getting any life-changing updates for 2022. For now, the full list of this year’s novelties remains undisclosed since Infiniti is clearly focused on the promoting the recently introduced coupe-shaped QX55.

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

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