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EMBO Granted Utility Patent US# 11643238 “Bottom-Fill Hydration Bottle”

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EMBO Granted Utility Patent US# 11643238 “Bottom-Fill Hydration Bottle”

EMBO’s “Bottom-Fill Hydration Bottle”

EMBO’s “Bottom-Fill Hydration Bottle” Utility Patent: A Revolutionary Step towards Hygienic Hydration in Sports

VALENCIA, CA, USA, June 1, 2023/ — Sports hydration industry is set for a major revolution, as EMBO secures Utility Patent US# 11643238 for “Bottom-Fill Hydration Bottle” granted on May 9, 2023. This milestone emphasizes EMBO’s commitment to providing practical, eco-friendly and hygienic hydration solutions to athletes, staff, and officials alike, a critical necessity in the post-pandemic world.

“In an era where hygiene and hydration are at a premium, our patented Clean Fill Technology has a crucial role to play in reshaping the sports hydration landscape”, said Daniel Mercer, Chief Operating Officer of Waterboy Sports LLC and one of the key masterminds behind the patent.

The patent introduces hygienically clean and efficient bottle filling, enabling quick hydration without the need to remove the bottle lid. This innovative approach not only adds a unique, eco-friendly differentiator, but also augments the brand’s offerings, drawing new attention to the brand while adding substantial value. With the necessity of hygiene and hydration, this technology is expected to be easy to market.

The patented Clean Fill Technology is now up for sale with industry giants. When asked about examples of a list of companies that could qualify as potential buyers of the patent, the management pointed out that Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Powerade, Body Armor, Bio Steele, Medco, Rhinocart, Kinexon, Sports I Lab, Adidas and Nike are examples of companies that could benefit greatly from owning such a patent.

Why the bottom-fill hydration bottle is essential: The recent global pandemic served as a wake-up call for the founders of EMBO, highlighting the urgent need for this innovative product. They realized that the current practices surrounding rehydration during and after sports events are not in line with modern expectations of hygiene. Unsanitary practices in an industry as vital as sports hydration is neither acceptable nor sustainable. The founders of EMBO recognized this pressing issue and felt the necessity to bring about a significant change. Their commitment to modernizing and enhancing the standards of hygiene during rehydration, especially in the context of sports events, has led to this groundbreaking invention, ensuring a safer and healthier hydration experience for all.

Mercer, with more than a decade in sports hydration, has been recognized for his significant contributions with awards including an Innovation Award and the 2022 Community Service Award from the Athletic Trainers Association of Florida (ATAF). Alongside Mercer, Gary M. Bohamed, product developer and sports enthusiast, was instrumental in the development of the patented technology.

Bohamed, a founding member and Executive Director of Independence Medical Group, previously patented a hydration technology and had a successful exit in 2020. With his invaluable expertise, Bohamed looks forward to bringing this much-needed technological advancement to the forefront of the sports hydration industry.

For additional information, please contact Gary Bohamed, CEO, at 805-341-6546 or, or visit

About EMBO

EMBO is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing practical, eco-friendly, and hygienic hydration solutions for athletes, staff, and officials at all levels of sports. With their patented Clean Fill Technology, they’re bringing an essential change to the sports hydration industry.

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Gary Bohamed
+1 805-341-6546

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Fitness - Beauty News originally published at Fitness - Beauty News

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