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All-New Electric Cars Unveiled at the Latest Auto Shows (Preview of Future 2022 Lineup)

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

All-New Electric Cars Unveiled at the Latest Auto Shows (Preview of Future 2022 Lineup)All-New Electric Cars Unveiled at the Latest Auto Shows (Preview of Future 2022 Lineup)

Not without implementing certain restrictions, many international car shows are resuming their operations in 2021. This results in an overwhelming inflow of all-new autos, many of which are undoubtedly electric. This video will be the first episode of a short series on our channel that summarizes the latest EV news of this season. Let’s dive into a sea of electric concepts and freshly minted production ready newcomers.

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00:00 Introduction

00:38 Mercedes EQE

Similar in design to its larger and posher EQS sibling, the new Mercedes EQE gets the familiar closed off grille, slightly more angular DRLs, and its own collection of 19 through 21inch alloy wheels. The executive sedan arrives underpinned by the new generation, dedicated EV platform, that allows for different drivetrain configurations and battery sizes.

01:56 Cupra Urbanrebel Concept

Seat’s high-performance branch hit the bull’s eye when naming their latest concept an Urban Rebel. In the sea of super-efficient yet dull city EVs of the future, this sporty electric hot hatch with a wild-looking exterior would definitely stand out.

02:57 VW ID.5 GTX

Just like its corporate siblings Audi e-Tron and Skoda Enyaq, the VW ID4 simply must have a coupe-SUV version. So in 2022 the world will welcome the sporty version of the model labeled.

03:58 Renault Mégane E-tech

Unlike the previous generations of Renault Megane, the E-Tech EV abandons traditional sedan and hatchback body styles, going for the trendy cross hatch form factor.

05:16 BMW i Vision Circular

According to BMW, the electric city car from the future can’t simply have a zero-emission propulsion system, its body parts must be also recyclable and made from sustainable materials. The I Vision Circular is 13 feet long hatchback style compact car from 2040s.

06:11 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance

The new E Performance badge will be carried by the most powerful representatives of the Mercedes AMG lineup, that will also be electrified. This is the case of the new GT 63 S E Performance 4-door coupe that debuts a new plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

07:21 Audi Grandsphere Concept

If at least half of the innovative features of the Grand Sphere concept will make it to a production model four years later, it would be almost impossible to compete with Audi in the executive sedans segment.

08:24 Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept

Though already spotted in camo, the upcoming Mercedes EQS SUV has not been officially revealed yet, and instead, we are getting to see its Maybach-branded offspring. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept rocks the brand’s signature two-tone paint scheme with chrome accents, unique lighting and large 24-inch wheels in the Maybach “bowl” design.

09:27 Volkswagen ID. LIFE

Planned for a market launch in 2025, the VW ID. Life concept previews a new generation city car, that will be aimed at younger buyers and car sharing services. It styling crosses a minicar and an SUV: more muscular proportions are paired with minimalistic design accentuated by lighting signatures.

10:25 Renault Hippie Caviar Hotel

The Hippie Caviar Hotel van was previewed as a part of the campsite setup that brings a 5-star experience in a super compact package. It will be based on the upcoming all-electric Renault Traffic E-Tech.

Auto - 195News originally published at Auto - 195News

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