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8 New Geely Car Models Showcasing Capabilities of Chinese Private Automakers

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8 New Geely Car Models Showcasing Capabilities of Chinese Private Automakers

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd commonly known as Geely is the largest privately owned automotive manufacturer from China. Unlike its state owned competitors who primarily sell their cars on the domestic market, Geely is steadily expanding to the international markets. One of the major pillars of this success story is a fruitful cooperation with the European Volvo and willingness to innovate without bankrupting the buyers. In this episode we will cover the most interesting models by Geely, so stay tuned if you are a fan of the brand or simply want to learn more about the state of Chinese carmaking in 2021

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#1 2021 Geely Xing-Yue

The Xing-Yue is the first SUV by Geely that takes advantage of the advanced CMA-G Compact Modular Architecture and at the same time it’s the most luxurious model by the brand.

#2 2021 Geely Icon

Following the “less is better” design philosophy, creators of the Geely Icon are moving towards a purer analog form that represents the future vision of design fundamentals of the brand.

#3 2021 Lynk & Co ZERO

With headquarters in Sweden and China, the Lynk & Co is positioned a mid-level, technology-focused brand from the company. It was established in 2016, launching 7 models across different classes and body styles since. This year marks the arrival of Lynk & Co first electric vehicle, that will debut on Geely’s newly-developed Sustainable Experience Architecture.

#4 2021 Geely Geometry and Geometry A Pro

Launched in 2019 as the first car from Geely’s all-electric Geometry brand, this mid-size sedan is gaining a new enhanced modification this year. Labeled A Pro, it comes with a higher output electric motor and a higher density battery pack, that enables more range.

#5 2021 Geely PREFACE

The 2021 Geely Preface rides on the CMA platform and is positioned as a flagship model on the domestic market with emphasis on the rear passenger comfort and leg room.

#6 2021 Geely Hao Yue

In summer 2020, Geely entered the D-segment with their largest to date crossover-SUV model. The mid-size targets the highly competitive niche which is currently dominated by foreign joint-venture brands. The Hao Yue is offered in both 5-seat and 7-seat configurations, and with fully flat rear seats, the car boasts up to 2360 liters of trunk space.

#7 2021 Geely Geometry C

Often labeled as the Chinese version of the Nissan Leaf, the Geometry C has been on sale in China since summer 2020. The EV shares its underpinnings with the A sedan, but it has sportier styling with a floating roofline and an LED lightbar connecting the taillights.

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic

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