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10 New BMW Cars to Go on Sale in 2019: Prices, Interiors and Performance Specs

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10 New BMW Cars to Go on Sale in 2019: Prices, Interiors and Performance Specs

Bayerische Motoren Werke, pronounced in German as BMW, and known to the English speaking world as BMW is a multinational manufacturer of premium automobiles, with steadily growing sales numbers and profits. Their modern lineup is represented in every imaginative vehicle class from a sporty two seater convertible, all the way to hulky 7-seater SUV and from obscure family haulers to beastly racers. Having countless number of unique models and modifications in the stables, BMW never makes its fans wait for new releases, that is why their 2019 roster is truly abundant with newcomers.

0:51 #1 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan

2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan is a 7th generation model that comes with a new design featuring a larger kidney grille and sharp body lines for more aggressive look.

2:01 #2 2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7 is the company’s first ever 7-seater SUV that has been in the works since 2014.In the US, the model will be available in 2 variants, xDrive40i and more powerful xDrive50i with a starting price of $73,900 and $92,600 respectively.

3:10 #3 2019 BMW Z4

The all-new 2019 BMW Z4 shares its platform with the 5th generation Supra and has an all-new exterior with a weight-saving soft-top roof instead of a hard top. It is power by one of two turbo engines, a 255hp 2.0L 4-cylinder or a 382 hp 3.0L 6-cylinder.

4:21 #4 2019 BMW X5

BMW X5 comes completely redesigned after quite a long run on the market. The 2019 model is a 5-seater SUV with a perspective 7-seater layout for 2020 and a plugin-hybrid powertrain in the works.

5:31 #5 2019 BMW M5 Competition

BMW M5 Competition is a new executive sedan from the brand that joins the M2 model, creating a new vehicle class in the BMW line-up. The automobile is the most powerful M5 to date, netting 617 horses and developing a 189 mph maximum speed.

6:41 #6 2020 BMW Vision iNext

BMW Vision iNext is a new fully autonomous SAV concept from the brand that is powered by an all-electric powertrain and is expected to hit the market in 2021.

7:51 #7 2019 BMW X2 M35i

BMW X2 M35i is a performance enhanced version of the brand’s X2 model. Its 0 to 60 time is only 4.9 seconds, all due to a new powertrain, consisting of a 302 hp 2.0L TwinPower Turbo, an 8-speed sport automatic and an xDrive AWD system.

9:02 #8 2019 BMW 8 Series

The new 8-Series is the back-to-basics BMW model designed with a philosophy of sportiness and power in mind. In the US this automobile will be initially offered only in the M850i xDrive version.

10:11 #9 2019 X4 and X4M

The second generation of BMW X4 is marked by significant inside-out updates. The longer wheelbase, bigger front grille, and redesigned headlights and taillights add to the exterior aesthetics, but improved aerodynamics and lower center of gravity are reflected in the more dynamic driving.

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Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic

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